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Fertility & Perinatal Support

Fertility & Perinatal Support

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Who We Are

Our ability to create life is one of the most beautiful and incredible aspects of our world. For many, however, the act of conception proves to be very difficult, which can be the cause of much distress and frustration.  Bringing the body into a healthier, happier state also underlines another reason.  We utilize Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine practices to treat the root causes of infertility itself.  We are Board Certified in Reproductive Medicine. If you are having troubles conceiving please contact us for a free fertility consult to determine if we can support your reproductive health toward having a successful and healthy pregnancy.


Conditions We Treat


Treating the root of infertility with Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Massage can increase chances of a live birth as well as a healthier pregnancy.

Male Factor

Male factor is just as likely to be a cause of infertility as female factor. In addition we treat all mens' health issues not directly related to fatherhood.

Fertility FAQ

The most common questions we receive - Your questions is likely to be here as well. If not send us a message and we'll add it to this FAQ


Pregnancy is a truly amazing time in a woman’s life. The body undergoes a huge amount of change within a very short period to accommodate and nurture a new life.


Once a woman has a baby, all the focus and attention that have been on her and her health during the pregnancy tend to flow instead toward the newborn. While babies of course need a huge amount of love and care, new mothers do, too.

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Recently published research about Fertility, Pregnancy and postpartum health

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