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Fertility Acronyms

The world of fertility acronyms can be confusing! Here is a list thanks to Lee Hullendar Rubin

2WW = two week wait

ACU = acupuncture

AMA = advanced maternal age

AMH = anti-müllerian hormone

ARA = advanced reproductive age

ART = assisted reproductive technology or IVF

BBT = basal body temperature

BCP = birth control pill aka OCP

BD = baby dancing aka intercourse

Beta = HcG pregnancy test

BFN = big fat negative

BFP = big fat positive

CB = cycle buddy

CD = cycle day

CF = cervical fluid

CHM = Chinese herbal medicine

CM = cervical mucus

DH = dear husband

DE = donor egg

DOR – diminished ovarian reserve

DPI = days post insemination

DPO = days post ovulation

DPR = days post retrieval

DPT = days post transfer

DW = dear wife

DX = diagnosis

ENDO = endometriosis

EPT = early pregnancy test

ER = egg retrieval

ET = embryo transfer

FET = frozen embryo transfer

FF = fertility friend

FHR = fetal heart rate

FSH = follicle stimulating hormone

FTTA = fertile thoughts to all

GC = gestational carrier or surrogate

HCG = human chorionic hormone aka pregnancy hormone

HGH = human growth hormone

HPT = home pregnancy test

HSG = hysterosalpinogram

HX = history

ICSI = intracytoplasmic sperm injection

IF = Infertility

INF = infertility

IVF = in vitro fertilization

IUD = intrauterine device like mirena or paragaurd

IUI = intrauterine insemination

LAP = laparoscopy

LH = luteinizing hormone

LMP = date of the first day of the last menstrual period

LSP = low sperm count

MC = miscarriage, aka m/c or misc. or SAb

MF = male factor

OCP = oral contraceptive pill aka BCP

OPK = ovulation predictor kit

OTC = over the counter

OV = ovulation

PIO = progesterone in oil injection

PCOS = polycystic ovary syndrome

PG = pregnant

PGT-A = pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (extra or missing chromosomes like Down syndrome)

PGT-M = pre-implantation genetic testing for monogenic or single gene disorders like cystic fibrosis or Huntington Disease

PGT-SR = pre-implantation genetic testing for structural rearrangements like translocations

PI = primary infertility

PMS = premenstrual syndrome

POAS = pee on a stick

POF = premature ovarian failure

RE = reproductive endocrinologist aka fertility doctor

RPL = recurrent pregnancy loss

SA = sperm analysis

SHG = sonohystogram

SI = secondary infertility

SIS = saline infused sonohystogram

TL/TR = tubal ligation, tubal reversal

TSH = thyroid stimulating hormone

TTC = trying to conceive

TTCAR = trying to conceive after reversal

TVUS = transvaginal ultrasound

TWW = two week wait aka 2WW

TX = treatment

US = ultrasound

V/VR = vasectomy, vasectomy reversal

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