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Fertility & Perinatal Support

Fertility Massage

Many people in the US are familiar with Western treatments for infertility. But few are aware that many cultures have a longstanding tradition of using massage and bodywork to bring the bodily systems involved in conception back into balance.

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Our modern world seems to tax our bodies more than ever. Most people’s more sedentary lifestyle limits blood and energy flow to the pelvis, where important reproductive organs are housed. Our fast-paced, stressful schedules strain the adrenal system, important in regulating the hormones women need for normal cycles and both sexes need for general reproductive health.

Increasingly common pelvic surgeries as well as traumas to the uterus and ovaries, such as endometriosis and PCOS, can leave a woman’s reproductive organs scarred, full of adhesions, and not in proper working order. Fertility massage is wonderful for addressing each and every one of these issues, as well as many other imbalances that can inhibit conception.

In a typical fertility massage session, you will experience:

  • A warm castor oil pack on your abdomen to help improve digestive health, increase blood flow to the pelvis and reproductive organs, and help reduce any adhesions, scars, or even fibroids that may be present
  • Deep pelvic work to release any deep-seated muscular tension and break up adhesions that may be affecting the health of your reproductive organs
  • Uterine positioning to optimally align the uterus for conception
  • Reflexology to aid in balancing all body systems, particularly the endocrine and reproductive systems
  • Calming, centering, and aligning cranial-sacral holds
  • Relaxing and hormone-balancing aromatherapy

We also discuss lifestyle strategies for each individual case that will make conception easier. Infertility can easily make people anxious, frustrated, and out of tune with their body. Fertility massage helps reconnect your mind and body, and lets you regain trust in your body’s innate wisdom and beauty. Parents who are calm and balanced, both mentally and physically, have the easiest time bringing a healthy, thriving new life into the world.

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