A Man’s Sperm Passes on Poor Diet and Lifestyle

A couple of eye-opening studies were recently released that showed how non-DNA information is picked up by the sperm and transferred to the offspring.      The information passed along seems to be a current snapshot of the guy’s state of health – trauma,  emotions, overeating, sleep deprivation, current infection etc.    These studies were done on mice, not men.  Although there is no relation to a John Steinbeck novel it shows that men pass on more than DNA genetics – so guys take care of yourself.    You need treatments and healthy lifestyle as much as the one carrying the […]



Need for Common IVF Procedure Passes Fertility Issues to Offspring

To almost anyone that calls my clinic for fertility support, which unfortunately is 99.99% of the time a female, I’ll inform them that I also need to see their male partner (if they have one). Most of the time the male partner reluctantly obliges. However by the time they leave my clinic they understand the importance of the visit as well as their potential role in (or cause of)  their female partner’s “infertility”. Male factor is implicated in infertility as often as female factor.   But you would not know that based on how much focus is placed on the […]

More Sex Increases Chances of Pregnancy

More frequent sex increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. Makes sense. But not for the reasons you think! Two newly published research articles discuss studies of heterosexual intercourse outside the fertile window and come to similar hypotheses. The results showed that couples having intercourse outside the fertile window increased their chances of pregnancy compared to heterosexual couples who abstained from sex when it was not the woman’s most fertile time of the month. The researchers’ theory is that intercourse causes a shift toward a more pregnancy-friendly immune response. In the simplest terms, your immune system has two types of immunity: cellular immunity (Th1), […]